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Important Information about Florida Amendment 2 Minimum Wage Increase: Please Read Before You Vote on November 3! 

Below is an important message from the HR Florida State Council: 

Florida Amendment 2 is on the ballot this November 3, 2020 and seeks to nearly double Florida’s minimum wage to $15 per hour. As Florida is still managing and recovering from the impacts of COVID-19 on its economy, which is primarily driven by travel and tourism, HR Florida asks that you spread the word to vote “NO” on Florida Amendment 2.  While HR Florida does not oppose an increase to the state minimum wage, the proposed timeline and increase will be prohibitive for many employers.

Florida Amendment 2 increases the state minimum wage from $8.56/hour to $15/hour by 2026.  The state minimum wage would increase to $10/hour on September 30, 2021, and $1 annually until it reaches $15/hour in 2026.  Beginning on September 30, 2027, there is an annual adjustment to the state minimum wage based on increases to the standard cost of living, which are currently in place.  In addition, after the increase to $10/hour on September 30, 2021, Florida Amendment 2 does not provide for an annual review to assess the impacts these additional increases will have on Florida’s economy. 

HR Florida recognizes and understands the hardships many employees have faced this past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic; however, Florida Amendment 2 is not the answer. Florida businesses, including its tourism and hospitality industry, are still trying to survive the effects of the pandemic.  Florida is a diverse state where the cost of living varies greatly from the panhandle to the Florida Keys. A state minimum wage of $15/hour could force numerous businesses to close their doors and, thus, result in fewer jobs.  Florida businesses would also have to face cutting costs to account for the minimum wage hike, including, but not limited to reducing the number of employees on shift, employee work hours, and benefits possibly displacing the added cost to consumers. 

Florida Amendment 2 needs 60% of Florida voters to vote “yes” for passage. As such, it is imperative that our HR Florida family and friends inform peers in your businesses, industries and communities of the unintended, yet devastating consequences this Amendment could have on Florida’s employers, employees and consumers.

HR Florida respectfully opposes this amendment and asks that you all join in voting “NO” on Florida Amendment 2 this November.

As a voice for work, workers, and workplaces, HR Florida will maintain active involvement with our state legislators to develop and implement solutions that create a balanced and realistic approach to better address the needs of employees and employers.

Thank you for your help to share this information and get out the vote!

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